Continuous double steel belt press PAGNONI EASYLAM ®:

The constant growth of world markets demands new technologies to increase and improve production. In veneering, furniture tops and engineered parquet, the press is the bottleneck of the whole process: the conventional multi-daylight presses are too slow and high frequency presses have too often frustrated the hopes of many utilizers.
The new continuous press PAGNONI EASYLAM® with four independent thermal regulation circuits, 40 m/min (130 ft/minute) max mechanical speed, specific press regulation up to 80 N/cm2 (116 PSI) and electronic opening regulation control, is the solution to overcome the bottleneck. The PAGNONI EASYLAM® is an endless double steel belt press for veneered panels, furniture tops and multi-layer parquet, designed for fast production, quality and flexibility. PAGNONI EASYLAM® is available in different standard sizes with width varying from 350 mm to 2300 mm and length from 1900 mm to 8200 mm. The flexibility in size allows the combination of widths and lengths to fit all customers technical and commercial requirements.