Presses for High Pressure Laminates

In the high pressure laminate manufacturing field, Pagnoni has left behind all the competition by introducing the innovative and unique automatic laminate papers book composition to drastically reduce the manpower.
Specific pressure up to 100 kg/cm².
Platen size up to 2200 mm x 6350 mm.
Automatic handling system for the paper and finishing stainless steel plates reliably accomplishes fast production cycles, customized to specific requirements.
The gigantic “Jumbo presses” have 10 openings, to produce laminates with sizes up to 2.10 x 6.12 m: these presses lead worldwide, for capacity and dimensions.

FARLINE is a pressing line with multi-opening press complete and reliable. Standard or tailor made solution: each lay-out can be customized.
Fully automatic with high production capacity for HPL, postforming and Compact.

ONELIGHT is a pressing line with a single opening press, suitable to produce the classical postforming certified HPL and Compact (with short and only hot cycle), or particle boards and MDF laminated with decorative melamine impregnated paper.

Our Customers are among the most important and renowned HPL and Compact producers in the world.