Double face in-register deep embossing.
Pagnoni high capacity hot press lines for short cycle lamination with melamine and phenolic papers.

Thanks to its long-time experience in the field of short-cycle presses, Pagnoni Impianti has set up the system allowing the simultaneous melamine impregnated lamination with embossed in register on both the top and bottom surfaces: the result is a definite synchronous effect for the furniture industry.
The decision firstly taken by Mauro Saviola group (SIT factory in Mortara) leading in lamination sector to assign to Pagnoni its introduction in this high technological market segment recognizes the manufacturer strong aptitude towards the search of innovative solutions.
Needless to say that the one-sided Embossed in Register for the laminate flooring can be achieved as well.
Pagnoni Impianti has recently delivered new presses having a pressure capacity on product up to 70 kg/cm² suitable for embossed in register applications.

Thanks to the oversized original design, all other existing Pagnoni presses can be modified increasing their pressing capacity up to 45 or 50 kg/cm², in order to allow the embossed finishing on the boards surface.

As for the short-cycle presses, the Pagnoni offer covers the whole range: from the high capacity 180 cycles/hour lines, for the most demanding Customers, to the inexpensive and ready-to-use Selecta lines, studied for medium/small capacities, however keeping the first quality production level.