Presses for PB, MDF and OSB:

Pagnoni has built a great number of lines with single, double and multi-opening presses having capacity output range from 50 up to 1,000 m3/day, thus satisfying customers’ more different requests in terms of sizes, thickness and product quality. Among the several technical innovations introduced by Pagnoni in this field can be mentioned, the electronic space bars to control the given board thickness without manual operations, the new hydraulic circuits to minimize dead times and to regulate the pressing according to the board size, and the powerful and sophisticated continuous pre-compressor.
The common denominator of all Pagnoni machinery, is construction simplicity, sturdiness and durability: the Pagnoni manufacturing concept for more than 150 years.
In the field of lines for MDF production Pagnoni has developed its expertise in designing presses of gigantic dimensions with massive capacity, up to 1000 m3/day. The press lines, designed in the latest years, have given the Company the opening to develop a unique and complete product line.
Recently Pagnoni has developed the project for OSB press lines following the market trend and the growing global demand.

Every new plant benefits from improvements and innovative technical solutions, allowing Pagnoni to be listed with the world's limited number of MDF producers of single and multi daylight presses.
The company's decision not to develop a continuous press for raw board production, has given Pagnoni the great opportunity to implement machine technology of single and multi-opening presses and consequently to enter a market niche of those producers requiring special product, of improved properties and value added market access, almost impossible to obtain with continuous production lines.