FEM stress test

Research and development

Since the beginning of its history, Pagnoni has always given great value to the technological innovation, thus gaining certification in the National Register of Research Laboratories: Pagnoni is the only company in Italy that can boast such acknowledgment in this field. The Pagnoni R&D laboratory promotes research, experimentation and development of the most advanced technology to propose to the market the most effective solutions for process technology and new product development.
Pagnoni Impianti is an authorised Research Laboratory, listed in the Italian Register of Education, University Department of Scientific Research and can make use of the assistance and advice of the most qualified European producers of vinyl, ureic and polyurethane glues. Easylab, our laboratory's continuous press installed in our factory, is a PAGNONI EASYLAM®, 350 mm wide, 2000 mm long equipped with four independent thermal regulation circuits where it is possible to carry out any type test. All tests, performed in the presence of several customers and of the most qualified wood adhesive producers, have shown the wide application possibilities and the production capacity of this new endless belt press. The first-rate bonding test results have been certified by qualified institutes like CATAS in pressing of veneered panels, honeycomb panels, multi-layers and parquet and has induced wood adhesive manufacturer to study new faster glue recipes, to support the production capacity of PAGNONI EASYLAM®. The press Easylab is at our customers' disposal to execute pressing and gluing tests, of every kind of product and application.