High Capacity SCL pressing lines.

Capacity: up to 180 cycles/hour.

Pressure: up to 100 kg/cm2.

Pressing plate length: max. 15.000 mm

Pressing plate width: max. 3.000 mm

Applications: laminating of wood-based panels with impregnated papers, MFC, Thermofused lamination

Products: furniture panels, furniture elements, laminated flooring

If you need high capacity short cycle press lines, Pagnoni Impianti can offer tailor-made solutions to meet customers’ needs.

Deep Embossing in Synchronous Register can be installed upon request. This system, already industrially tested, allows a simultaneous registered lamination of both the top and the bottom décor papers for a definite synchronous effect for furniture. Needless to say that the one-sided Embossed in Register for flooring can be achieved as well.

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