SMARTLINE & SELECTA - Standard Short-Cycle Lamination press lines

Capacity: up to 85 cycles/hour.

Pressure: up to 40 kg/cm2.

to process 4’ x 8’ (1220 x 2440 mm) panels
available in different sizes
to process from 6' x 9' to 7' x 14' (from 1830 x 2750 mm to 2150 x 4300 mm) panels

Applications: Laminating of wood-based panels with impregnated papers, MFC, Thermofused lamination

Products: Furniture panels, furniture elements, laminated flooring

Pagnoni has developed Selecta and Smartline systems as two standard lines for short cycle lamination of raw panels featuring low investment and operating costs with Pagnoni guarantee for consistent quality andhigh reliability.

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