Our history

In 1848, during the important socio-economic events that changed Europe, two brothers decided to start an activity of mechanical construction, thus founding the “ Fratelli Pagnoni Company”. They were Stefano and Martino Pagnoni, whose family had a mill in Monza for centuries.
When Italy was unified, the company of Monza was already an established entrepreneurial success. The huge and diversified production of mills and machines for pasta factories and oil mills required the Company to build a bigger factory and a foundry.
The First World War stopped the continuous growth of the company. At the end of the conflict, Nicola Pagnoni, grandchild of one of the company founders, started the production of hot plate presses, especially for plywood. Since then, the production of machines for the pressing of wooden panels is the heart of the company's production.
Pagnoni overcame even the tragic Second World War, with much effort and initiative. During the economic boom following the conflict, Giuseppe and Franco Pagnoni succeeded in projecting the company onto the global market, focusing its production on presses for wood based panels and building plants all over the world.
Nowadays, “Pagnoni Impianti srl”, led by Aldo and Giorgio Pagnoni, is a leader in the construction of pressing lines for particleboards, MDF, short cycle lamination lines and HPL, of presses for plywood and multi-layer, engineered lumber/parquet and in many other fields where it reveals its technological knowledge and competences.